Commissioned by the State of New York through March 2018. Specializing in Oaths, Affirmations, and Acknowledgments.

Oct 1, 2 and 9: Art in Odd Places

Yesiree the Public Notary and the Lottery of Good Oaths.

in the Art in Odd Places festival, Oct. 1 – 10, 2010.

Pick an oath, make it yours, believe it, say it and sign it.

Oct. 1, 2 and 9th: Union Square, NYC

After showing valid id, visitors roll the dice, choosing for them an oath from the Archive of OK Oaths. After signing a note that they swear to tell the truth, and protecting both of us   from perjury, they edit the oaths to make them their own. When completed, after stating that they are who they are, and what this is true to the best of their knowledge, to seal the oath legally, they must speak the entire Oath aloud into a megaphone to Union Square, a location notorious for famous public speeches. 12 historical and cultural oaths including: Immigration Oath, Olympic Oath, Pauper’s Oath, Hippocratic Oath and its newer Geneva Amendment, Oath of the Peach Garden, Veterinarian’s Oath, Oath against Modernism, I Swear (song), Girlscout/Boyscout Oath, the mythical ‘Oath of Fëanor’ from Lord of the Rings and the joker card Skull and Bones secret oath which acted as a free passOath of the peach garden.

Girlscout law



Carrie Notary Front Credit Jesaca Lin


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