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March Fourth, I do Declare! ~ Scope Fair!

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6 – 8 pm March 4th, 2011

SCOPE New York  (320 West St (West Side Hwy) Across from Pier 40 on the Hudson River | NYC,

In The mezzanine!

Yesiree the Public Notary –
March Fourth “I Do Declare!”

A Declaration of War
Us vs Us, upon ourselves, we do declare.
Speak aloud, tis loud and clear
Let’s clear the air. Hear hear, yes –
Siree, we are, we’re here!

March Fourth young man, into the unknown.

live video – Mixing the transformation with Eric Drasin

Yesiree, Public Notarizations are a project of Carrie Dashow

Presented as part of US VS. US performance events.

Please have Valid ID To participate.

Some interesting Declarations of War

Cumberland Highschool (Australia) Declaration of War (No Notary).

Roosevelt’s edited letter urging congress to Declare War on Japan after Pearl Harbor

Japan’s Declaration of War against the U.S. and Britain.