Commissioned by the State of New York through March 2018. Specializing in Oaths, Affirmations, and Acknowledgments.

Archive for September, 2015

AIOP Yesiree! Oath of Growth! Oct 9 and 10. 2 – 5 pm

Yesiree the Public Notary at Union Square

Friday Oct. 9 and Saturday Oct. 10,  2 – 5 pm. to perform with visitors,

Keeper of the smallest plant, I do.

an Oath of Growth

As part of this years Art in Odd Places: RECALL (Full Festival: October 7 – 11)

Premiering ‘best of’ the past.. 11 years?!

14th Street from Avenue C to the Hudson River

Recalling The Lottery of OK Oaths, as performed by Yesiree in 2010, Union Square, this year, more apropos to my newer upstate life,

Keeper of the smallest plant, I do.

Yesiree the Public Notary will perform Mutual Life Assistance with new seedlings and interested street visitors who will together conduct an Oath of Growth and take under their care – their own and earth care, as witnessed by the State of New York.

Keeper of the smallest PlantSpecial Thanks to Springside Organics in Catskill for the Calendula Seeds!