Commissioned by the State of New York through March 2018. Specializing in Oaths, Affirmations, and Acknowledgments.


Caren H. Dashow, Yesiree The Public Notary, is an official Notary Public, commissioned by New York State through March 2018.

A Notary is a civil servant of the State of New York, a witness that you are who you say you are, and you believe to the best of your knowledge what you say is true, under penalty of perjury. As a Public Notary, I mediate one’s inner voice to the outside, asking people to make statements they themselves are asking their own self to uphold. Reversing the power structure while questioning; Do we need another to prove for ourselves what we know to be true? What does it take for us to acknowledge this? Must we prove ourselves? Do we believe another more when they have proof? Do we exist with a base of distrust? Each of us are not only accountable for our actions to the outside, but first to ourselves.

Why must we be guilty until proven innocent, negative until proven positive, NO until proven YES. Yesiree, the NOtary, does not require an outside witness as validation, rather inverts the legality to use yourself as your most powerful witness, accountable to yourself – as you are. Here we may find truth, not salvation in those that watched, in our watcher world. “My word is your oath” (Quakers). You are punishable by that, whom, which you took the oath too – in this case – Yourself. Whatever you say, is something you already know and how to keep what you say (even as simple as – Eat more vegetables) true. Yesiree merely helps to solidify this, only as a mediator plus stamps with the power of the state (New York). Any Notary will do, and really No notary will do, as the process itself merely acts as a reminder of what we already know – and can be done oneself just as easily – alas, human we are.

Please see the Verbal Ceremony for more clarification on the procedures).

Legal validation may be produced as an affirmation, oath, acknowledgment. It is not a Notary’s responsibility to judge if what you speak or write is good or true, but that you believe what you say to be true and take responsibility for yourself in assuring and protecting that this statement will be true.

You are who you say you are and what you say is true to the best of your knowledge. If change begins, it must start from inside. I’ll sign to that.

I specialize in publicly performing Identity Validation, Oaths, Affirmations and Acknowledgments and creating unique documents to prove it. I am more interested in instigating personal validations and pomp and circumstances of creating situations of responsibility rather than witnessing you sign your beaurocracy; taxes, will, divorce or anything else you can pay the corner store, candy store, bank a remedial $2 to do .

Valid Identification is required, please see the list on the right if you need clarity.

Twitter: YesireeNotary

Email: cdashow    at     gmail    dot     com


5 responses

  1. adman

    I dont really get what your doing but i like it. If im ever in New York(is that where you are?) Then im going to find you and have something notorized. Can I Notorize a personal decleration of the deconsecration of paper money on a society wide scale in between the small walls of my own head? If so contact me ASAP. DOWN with the dustbunnies at the top and UP with the common folks without a cash crop……ADMAN

    October 15, 2010 at 2:20 am

  2. fer sure adman,
    I can rise to that emergency.
    All you do is prove who you are, I can make it official. Might want to come up with a few more to make the trip to NY worth it.
    Your right to declare!
    Anything, as long as you swear with truth in your heart, note From the Department of State, Notary Public License Law, NY:

    A verbal pledge given by the person taking it that his/her statements are made under
    an immediate sense of this responsibility to God (or a higher power), who will punish
    the affiant if the statements are false.

    §2309(b) Form. An oath or affirmation shall be administered in a form calculated to awaken the conscience and impress the mind of the person taking it in accordance with his religious or ethical beliefs.

    October 15, 2010 at 3:54 pm

  3. addemup

    Oh, I wish I was closer to NY. I suppose i could go to the local small town notary public. There random oaths, affirmations, and acknowledgments would most likely be deemed suspicious by the town sewing circles. Causing ireperable harm to both personal status at the coffee shop….and… Future offspring/ lineage who would bear the brunt of high school bullies and bimbos. particularily if they had the same name with a jr or II added as effect…Thus my aunts old saying “never tease a weasel” does have some validity in a small town psychoclimate where geography is compressed and time is paced normal for insiders but 20 yrs to late for east and west coasters. Mating opportunities would also likely decrease. ….. . I shall walk my own path without the handholding of a mainstream culture brutish and bamboozling personal ethics and morals I deem the very essence of a self respectable exsistance. And i shall build and sing with joy and contentment in my heart. build and sing… and sing

    October 28, 2010 at 6:08 am

  4. Carrie!
    Would have loved to run into you at OWS, i’ve been down to zuccotti numerous times.
    I’ll be at the OWS Sustainability event in Brooklyn this Sunday with my worms, doing a worm composting demo. Come and learn how to be a worm farmer!

    Hope to catch up with you and Suzanne sometime soon!
    suru 🙂

    December 15, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    • oh Suru, I would love to! but alas, I have returned to India for the break, this time in Auroville to learn some of their communial spirits!

      Hope to catch up with you tooooooo!

      December 16, 2011 at 1:06 pm

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